How Fortnite changed the way video games were marketed


• Before Fortnite, 99% of video games companies had a “top-down” approach to growth
• Building Awareness would be the number one priority and they’d go all-in on one big launch.
• When Fortnite launched in 2017, they didn’t have a big budget or reputation. They couldn’t simply rely on initial awareness.
• So, instead of looking at growth “top-down” they were forced to look at it “bottom-up”.
• The theory was if they could nail conversion, referral and retention (the cheaper parts of the growth funnel) they could lay solid foundations for growth down the line.
• And that’s what they did. No big launch spike, instead 9 months of slow and steady growth before momentum grew.

Check out the full case study here where I break down how Fortnite nailed each stage of the growth funnel (awareness, conversion, referral, retention) one by one